By Rhiannon Taylor, November 2016

Waking up is hard to do, even more so when you're sleeping on the wrong mattress. Needless to say our interest was piqued when Sleepmaker released their Luxury Cocoon range which sits at the top echelon of the mattress market. We're fussy with our beds and we were keen to see whether one can emulate that hotel feeling in their own home.

The first thing you notice upon delivery of a Cocoon mattress is how it feels. At first touch, there's a silky overlay which is a blend of silk and cashmere. You can't help but want to glide all over it's surface and with each bed made to order (it takes a whole 72 hours to construct), there's an incredible attention to detail and stitching.

The Cocoon bed has a Sensorzone Sleep System where each spring sits separately within a foam core. This means each spring responds individually to movement and is particularly useful if you're sleeping with a partner; much like a memory foam mattress but with much more buoyancy. In fact, it's incredibly easy to forget they're even there. The springs also conform to your body shape and over a two week period long-term back and neck pain was noticeably reduced.

What's really unique is the Cocoon's breathability. If you're a sweaty sleeper this may be the bed for you because the top plush layer genuinely allows airflow for an undisturbed sleep. Moreso, the layers are anti-microbial which reduces the spread of germs and allergens and increases the life of the mattress.

Technology aside, does the Sleepmaker Cocoon really give one "The Best Sleep Ever Made" as they claim? Over our two week period we chose to trial a medium Cocoon mattress, despite being used to a super soft plush. At first, the change in softness was noticeable, but no more than a night or two. Within a week, sleep was completely uninterrupted. If you're a restless sleeper, you will appreciate the joy of a solid 8 hours. After 2 weeks, the usual neck stiffness was a distant memory. Could this be from a mattress that is so well designed? It's a big investment so luckily all signs point to yes.



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