By Rhiannon Taylor, August 2018

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So here’s my confession.  I’m addicted to sleep, in fact it’s what spawned IN BED WITH and I’ve done a lot of it since it’s genesis.  But I don’t want any old sleep, I’m constantly in search of the best kind of sleep.  That’s what makes checking in to a hotel so good.  You walk in to a room where the bed is the centrepiece, adorned in 1000 count cotton sheets that feel like silk upon the skin.  Sinking in to a custom made mattress thats covered with oodles of pillows, a hotel bed is the ultimate escape.  Just add room service and I’m in a state of pure bliss.

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Checking in to beautiful hotels one after the other, quite frankly made it a little disappointing to come home.  That saying “I can’t wait to get home to my own bed” was often lost on me so I set about trying to make my own boudoir as good as the brilliant hotels we feature on IN BED WITH.  When Sheridan announced it was releasing “Masterson”, a new range in their luxury collection which boasts 1200 thread count, I naturally had to have it. 


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The Masterson collection sits at the top of Sheridan’s luxury bed linen range.  The fabric is crafted from their highest quality cotton, which upon first touch is evident.  The sheets gleam in the light, and the elegant stripe aesthetic could have you easily mistaking your bed for the ones in the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong or the Peninsula in Beverley Hills.

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Slipping in to bed, you feel like your body is gliding around in liquid silk and gives that “ahhhh” feeling one often craves at the end of the day. There's just something about a beautiful bed that seems to melt away the body's aches and ailments.  My first night sleeping on the Masterson collection was the first time I'd had a solid sleep since returning home with a case of terrible jet lag from Europe. Perhaps it was the fact that I felt like I was back on holiday in my beautiful hotel in Lake Como?

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Waking up, it took a little time to adjust that I was at home and not at The Ritz in Paris because watching sunrise bounce of the sateen sheen of the Masterson quilt cover oozes hotel sophistication.  And as luxe as this all sounds, there are other benefits which make a linen set like this worth the investment.  The sateen finish of the cotton makes it great for your hair, meaning you wake up with yesterday’s blow wave nicely preserved and clean. And the high thread count means a breathable sleep, which means fresher sheets for longer.  All thats missing is someone to bring me breakfast in bed because the world's most luxurious bed really is at my house. 


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