There's a lot of talk about the benefits of coconut oil by beauty aficionados, nutritionists and celebs. So for my recent trip to Hawaii I stocked up to see whether one bottle of coconut oil could fix all my hot weather ailments.

HAIR - I used a coconut oil based shampoo and conditioner by Coconut Revolution, which comes in a travel sized pack for those humid getaways. Ladies blessed with unruly locks, like myself, should use this stuff religiously on holiday. The shampoo left my roots squeaky clean and the conditioner was ultra moisturising without being heavy on my fine hair. I finished off with a coconut serum which tamed the flyaways and left my tresses entirely edible.

BODY - The heat really dried out my skin in Hawaii. Combined with sand and residue from salty water, I was showering 3 times a day and my legs were starting to scale like snake skin. If your skin is really dry, like mine, topically treating it with coconut oil after a warm shower or bath will give the best results. However, it's a light oil and not deeply absorbed, so while it can keep you going during the day (the Coconut Revolution bottles are small and purse friendly), I did need to deeply moisturise at night with my regular body lotion.

FACE - Where coconut oil really did work for me was as a make-up and dirt remover before cleansing my face. Rubbing the oil in the evening lifted off caked on mascara and soothed my skin before my normal routine. It's a step in my skin care routine I would continue at home.

TEETH - You may have heard of people using coconut oil before to keep their smiles bright and teeth white. I gave it a go by swirling and pulling the stuff in my mouth each day. It wasn't pleasant and the recommended five to ten minutes session per day was whittled down to one minute by the end of two weeks, but I did see results. My teeth are whiter and my oral hygiene significantly improved. If you have patience, it's a great natural home remedy.

TIPS - Look for coconut oil that is organic and cold pressed. I'm not a preacher for organic or any other health labels but in this case it's essential as you maximise your benefits. Because it can be used on your body, face, hair and in your cooking, getting the best coconut oil makes it much more versatile for your needs, all from just one bottle.

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