You may know her from her drool-worthy travels on Polkadot Passport which have captured audiences in the hundreds of thousands. With a unique eye and voice, Nicola Easterby is the sassy Brisbane based photographer who never stops.

Do you have a particular style of travel? Luxe? Off grid?

To be honest, my style of travel has become a rather eclectic mix of everything. One minute I might be reviewing a super luxury 5* hotel and the next I'll be roughing in a tent in the middle of the forest... For me, it’s all about seeking out the most unique, bucket-list worthy experience everywhere I go, no matter what that looks like!

Is there a destination you’ve been dying to visit and haven’t been yet?

I've got such a large bucket list of destinations so that is a hard question! If I am going to super general, I would have to say South America is probably top of my list. It the only continent (besides Antarctica) that I haven’t yet visited- the unknown of the continent excites me so much!

Have you had a trip that’s gone horribly wrong?

I got terribly sick on my first trip to Europe which wasn't too fun. I broke out in a rash and was struggling to breathe properly so had to rush to hospital. I was super lucky that I was in the UK at the time and had relatives nearby so once I had enough strength I went to see them and they nursed me back to health!

Is there a hotel you’ve stayed at that you really loved?

Probably my favourite hotel that I've ever stayed in was a little boutique hotel in Hobart called The Islington. The hotel was built around a gorgeous 18th century house and the interior was such a delightfully eclectic mix of modern and old school. The grounds and my room had a stunning view over Mount Wellington. Being a boutique hotel, the service was so personalised- every morning we'd wake up to a magnificent breakfast spread of locally sourced produce and every night we'd have homemade fudge and a new blend of tea left on our pillow.

What’s your current travel tech toy or book?

I've just bought an iPad mini which I am loving- especially using it as an e-reader!

There’s quite a spiritual aspect to your travels. Being in the travel industry is an incredible blessing, is there something you try to do when you travel to give back to others?

You are right- I feel so very blessed to have the opportunities I've been given. I've had a real revelation of late that I don't want to do all of this for my own selfish gain and instead want to focus on ways I can travel with more meaning. In the past, I've done

mission work and volunteering throughout my travels, and I am now trying to see how I can combine my travel blogging and photography with this kind work.

What advice would you give other young women who have their heart set on a life of being on the road?

Make sure you keep a community of friends and family close to you, even if they are physically far away. Living your life on the road is filled with emotional ups and downs and loneliness is an inevitable part of travelling constantly. Instead of isolating yourself when you go away, keep up skype, phone calls and messages to your love ones. For me, this has made all the difference and has sustained me throughout all the highs and lows of my travels.

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