Do you like to travel effortlessly? Do you like to be well "put together" on a plane? We've put together our luxe travel essentials that will have you breezing past the airport queues in style.

1. Atelier Lumira Travel Candle. $24 AUD. [shop here]
We're digging the concept of a BYO room scent when travelling and the Atelier Lumira Travel Candles come in sleek, concealed containers that are lightweight for packing. It gives your hotel a feeling of home and if you happen to be staying somewhere static it will instantly lift the mood of the space. Try the Tropical Gardenia scent for fresh, clean notes.

2. Jac + Jack Cashmere Travel Pack. $449 AUD. [shop here]
This pack should go with you everywhere because it has three essentials we can't live without. Perfectly stuffed in a chic linen bag is a pair of thick socks which are ideal for those cold long-haul flights or hotel rooms where you can't quite master the air conditioning controls. Secondly, there's an eye mask which is softer than lambs ears and fits around your head without pressure or irritation. And to top it off there's a cashmere blanket which folds up neat and small.

3. Victorinox Spectra Carry-On, Dual Access. $689 AUD. [shop here]
The Spectra Carry-On is one of our all time favourite pieces of luggage. It's slick, hard shell protects your precious items from rough handling and we love the front access which makes security a breeze. There are 8 castor wheels, which glide around most surfaces with ease and best of all the styling and branding are understated and sophisticated. This is one sexy piece of luggage that draws stares from those in-the-know.

4. Raymond Weil Gold and Steel White Chronograph Watch. $749 AUD. [shop here]
We love a touch of androgyny and a man's watch on a woman's wrist screams business with a twist of sex appeal. We love Raymond Weil's classic chronograph watch which gives date and time at a glance.