By Rhiannon Taylor, September 2017


As a traveller, I’m constantly drawn to the ocean. Be it the never ending beaches in Los Angeles, the warm Mediterranean waters of Greece or the coral filled Indian Ocean along Western Australia, there’s a restorative energy that comes from being near the sea. Perhaps it’s the soul-soothing rhythmic sound of crashing waves or the massage-like feeling of walking barefoot through the sand that is akin to a spa treatment from nature. It is the ocean that serves as inspiration for cult Californian skincare brand, La Mer, whose hero ingredient Miracle Broth™ is born from the sea.

It was a personal quest by aerospace engineer Dr. Max Huber to renew the look of his skin that led to La Mer’s genesis. After a laboratory accident left him with severe burns and scarring, Dr. Huber became inspired by the sea and its power of restoration. He harvested sea kelp and fermented it with a blend of vitamins & minerals (using light and sound to mimic the currents on the ocean floor) to create a formula became that became the nutrient rich Miracle Broth™, which forms the basis for the La Mer collection.

In the early 2000’s through an unlikely discovery of potent crystals forming in a beaker of Miracle Broth™, scientists in the La Mer laboratories created an accelerated and concentrated formula called Crystal Miracle Broth™. This potent formula is at the heart of the Genaissance de la Mer collection, which I was recently gifted to trial.

Living a life of travel and seemingly endless summers has taken its toll on my skin. Long haul flights leave me feeling dehydrated and the sun damage on my face has rapidly increased over recent years. As a long time fan of La Mer, I was highly curious and excited to incorporate the new Genaissance de la Mer collection in to my skincare routine to see if I could renew my skin at an accelerated speed.

After applying the new Infused Lotion my skin felt instantly awakened and activated. Used after cleansing, this lotion has an incredibly luxe, silken texture and immediately firms and plumps the face. The milky formula melts in to my skin, leaving it feeling baby-soft and fresh. Remarkably after using the Infused Lotion for just a few days, the texture of my skin has completely changed with a velvety quality to the touch.

With my skin prepped and balanced, the Serum Essence can then be applied for maximum benefits. The Genaissance de la Mer Serum Essence uses the purest concentration of the Crystal Miracle Broth™, made in small batches, to permeate the skin with energy. It targets fine lines, uneven skin tone and lifts and firms the face. For me, within a week of use the redness that has plagued my nose for years caused by sun exposure, has completely disappeared and my sun-spots and pigmentation have started to fade. What I loved most was the serum had a satin like consistency and the skin had an instant glow after application.

After the serum has absorbed in to the skin the Eye and Expression Cream can then be used to target the more delicate areas on the face. Using the unique, curved applicator, the rich, non-greasy cream is applied along the orbital bone and other areas of expression such as the lips and forehead. The contoured applicator, designed around the concept of washed sea stones, gently massages the cream in to the skin and it’s an incredibly relaxing process soothing my tired, jetlagged, puffy eyes.

In a short time using the Genaissance de la Mer collection my skin has changed in both texture and appearance. Pores are noticeably smaller and the skin feels ageless to the touch. Skin tone has become more even and my biggest issue of sun damage is visibly reversed. My face has a new radiance and has an overall look of agelessness. Perhaps the sea really does have the power to make time stand still.  


This article was written in collaboration with La Mer. For more information about the Genaissance de la Mer collection please visit their website below.