Dyson Supersonic™ 23.75 Karat Gold

By Rhiannon Taylor, March 2019


The thing about travelling well and travelling often is that even the best hotels can be faulted on their amenity offering. It’s hard to rely on salon grade shampoo or spa quality body lotion in a hotel bathroom. Let alone a professional hairdryer, which is why most seasoned jet setters have their travel kit finessed down to a fine art which includes gadgets and products to withstand the long journey ahead.

I have loved my professional hairdryer for many years and it travels with me everywhere, saving me from the disappointing ones in hotels, which are so obviously an afterthought. Mine keeps me frizz-free and I’ve even bought it’s American version for when I’m travelling through the USA with different voltage. 

So, when I checked in to boutique hotel Pier One in Sydney, my jaw dropped to see a Dyson Supersonic™ sitting in a slick box in my bathroom. Quite possibly the most luxe bathroom amenity I’ve ever seen in a hotel. I quickly washed my hair to test it out and was immediately impressed with my salon-finish blow out. 

When Dyson released its limited edition 23.75 karat gold Supersonic™, I was intrigued. It has the same digital motor V9 hidden in the handle grip which is fast, light and tiny, spinning up to 110,000rpm with an inaudible frequency, just like the Supersonic™ I fell in love with. It has 4 precise heat settings, 100°C fast drying and styling, 80°C regular drying, 60°C gentle drying and 28°C constant cold. It comes with three magnetic attachments for various styles and it weighs only 2.08kgs which is far lighter than what I was used to and way more travel friendly. 

Holding it, I’m immediately impressed with how it looks. It’s gleaming royal blue body is the perfect base for a gold-gilded rear end, so to speak. It’s sits in it’s red “Gesso” case and looks more like an ornament than a feat of technology. The case has James Dyson’s name embossed along the top surface and is the only Dyson product to have this signature. This marking speaks to the craft behind each one of the 23.75 karat gold Supersonic’s™ produced. Dyson engineers undertook extensive research with a master gilder for the project to see if a machine really could replicate the gilding process. After many trials and errors, engineers concluded that the gold leaf had to be applied by hand, producing a device that fuses ancient techniques with some of the world’s most advanced engineering.

After using my Supersonic™ for about 3 weeks, I notice my hair feels a little healthier and smoother than usual. I’m told that it’s because the Supersonic™ measures the temperature a ridiculous amount of times per second to ensure it’s not overheating and burning your hair. Smart. I’m off on my first trip and I worry about how I’m going to pack it. The gold leaf is supposed to wear over time, just as gilded pieces would and I decide to throw it in the suitcase. No time to be precious, I’m late for my flight. After 4 trips, being knocked about, my Supersonic™ still looks brand new. I’m more than impressed now. In fact I’m totally besotted and promptly find myself online looking for it’s American version to add to the travel kit. 

This was a collaboration with Dyson. For more information please visit the below website.