Rhiannon Taylor, December 2014

Immersed in my terrace plunge pool, listening to the crash of unpredictable ten foot waves, waiting for my breakfast to be delivered, I felt I had made it. I wasn't sitting on a pile of cash and I wasn't at the peak of my career, I was at the kind of place I had dreamed about ever since I had started reading the pages of Traveler. Somewhere so out of reach, and I had arrived.

Mexico has a way of opening your senses. The sexy language from the locals, as they try to direct you and the freshest food that ever was, makes a native Australian like me feel completely lost and excited to absorb something new at the same time. 

The unpredictable waves of Cabo.

The unpredictable waves of Cabo.

It's no surprise I fell in love with Resort at Pedregal, Cabo. Their hotels are awarded time and time again in Saint Lucia, Dusseldorf and Singapore. But this really blew me away. Arriving through a secret tunnel in the mountain, greeted with Hibiscus Agua Frescos and introduced to my personal assistant who is on call, I felt like I was being spoiled. Now, I really am not in to clubs and dropping my hotel membership level to get better treatment. I don't want or expect a separation between me and staff. I like to feel included and looked after, but don't want to feel like a pain in the ass. Pedregal does just that. 

The hand carved leather bed heads, painted Mexican lamp shades and cool stone floors made it one of the most exotic rooms I have stayed in, without being kitsch. Enclosed in my own villa, I noticed the lack of foot traffic and noise. I could rant for ages about the luxury, but luxury isn't hard to get. You could stay at any five star resort in Las Vegas, and they would leave you feeling empty. I'm not getting emotionally attached to Pedregal Cabo, because come on, it's a hotel, but it was the experience that I will never forget. Pedregal has to work pretty hard, especially when the One & Only is just down the road. But the afternoon tequila and guacamole delivered to my room at exactly 4pm every day had me. It was like they knew my love button.

I spent most of my days poolside, and the room service/pool menu was hot, fresh and genuinely Mexican. The popcorn shrimp tacos were perfectly crumbed and the tortillas so soft and handmade. The salsa was roasted to sweet perfection, and the raspberry juleps were ordered one too many times (at $8 a pop I may had racked up a huge bill just on these). What is unique to this hotel is El Farallon, the restaurant built in to a cliff, where you pick your seafood and it is sent immediately to the chef, served with soup, salsas and sides. You could sit for hours watching the waves crash right at your table. It was unbelievably good. 

My fear of being annoying nearly got in the way of using the Personal Assistant. It's a great service and feels less generic than a concierge. The local eating recommendations weren't pretentious and genuinely authentic. Nestled in the mountain, the surroundings made me feel hidden from the paparazzi, or just the public. Want to propose? Get over an asshole? Go to Pedregal. You'll forget everything you ever knew.

I stayed in a one bedroom ocean view suite. Suites start at an average $550 per night for a mid week stay in low season.

Local recommendations:

The BEST cheese fondue (I ate there two nights in a row)

Take a boat tour of El Arco on a glass bottomed boat