By Rhiannon Taylor, July 2018

Being away for weeks at a time, often with only a short stopover home in between, means that I need to pack my entire beauty regime to keep me in check - from cleansers, exfoliators and serums to shampoo, body moisturiser and a hairdryer (never trust a hotel hairdryer). Over the years I’ve tried to finesse this collection down to a bare minimum, only adding to it depending on the destination (a heavy duty moisturiser for New Zealand snow season, an aloe vera body gel for the Maldives and so on). My approach to my make-up bag is no different and since hitting my 30’s I’ve settled down with a no make-up make-up look. I often disembark a plane and head straight to a meeting so I always have my make up in my carry-on suitcase. Here I share the 7 make up products that I travel with for a glowy, natural look.


1. The Luminous Cushion Foundation - LA MER. $170 AUD.  This is a fairly recent addition to my make-up routine. As a long time LA MER user (moisturisers, serums, mists etc.) I was a bit devastated to learn their "Reparative Tint" was no longer in production.  But then The Luminous Cushion Foundation came on to the market and it is now my all time favourite secret weapon for sheer, dewy coverage.  I simply glide the sponge applicator over my face like I would a facial wipe and voila - it blends so flawlessly it will leave you gobsmacked.  It keeps you hydrated throughout the day as it's packed with LA MER's Miracle Broth and has SPF20 so it's great for travel.  I top up during the day, particularly if I've been out in the sun or swimming. It also comes with a refill so it lasts for ages.  I love this so much I went out and bought spares for various handbags.

2. Concealer - ELLIS FAAS. $50 AUD.  Travel really takes it's toll on my skin and dark circles under the eyes and spotty skin are a constant companion due to jet leg, dehydration and a mixed diet.  This concealer is a little lifesaver for covering a multitude of sins.  I'm a sucker for it's pen-style packaging as it makes it great for packing and getting knocked about whilst travelling. It gives great coverage whilst blending to a near-nothing sort of look.  It also doesn't oxidise so the colour won't change after application, nor does it cake during the day.  Another gem I keep in my handbag for touch ups after a day at the beach.


3. Lip De-Luscious Glide - Mecca Cosmetica. $30 AUD.  I've used Mecca Cosmetica's Lip De-Luscious ever since it was first released.  I have a pot stashed in every bag I own - in fact I had to buy my man his own pot because he now can't live without it.  Recently mine broke in transit in Europe and survived the rest of the holiday held together with sticky-tape and a hair tie (because this girl was not going to throw it out).  Needless to say I was overwhelmed with excitement when I saw Mecca Cosmetica had released their "Glide" (stick) version. Travellers rejoice!  This formula is packed with all the things lips need to stay plump and lush - SPF, shea butter, hyaluronic acid etc. and is non-sticky.  It comes in three colours and I like the nude during the day and rose for a hint of sass at night.


4. Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil - HOURGLASS. $49 AUD.  If there's one product I can't leave the house without, it's my brow pencil.  My brows are thin and fair so they need a lot of help, but quite frankly I have zero patience or attention span for an elaborate brow routine.  The HOURGLASS pencil has a brilliant triangular tip so you can fill in with both broader strokes and then use the point for finer lines.  The formula is a sort of powder-wax so it stays all day, but really mimics the look of eyebrows and I can easily brush out any mistakes when I'm in a rush.  I must admit, I sometimes even use this in place of an eyeliner if I've forgotten to pack one and have to head out in the evening (all about that DIY versatility).

5. Ambient Lighting Bronzer - HOURGLAS. $73.  I use this everywhere and anywhere on my face and body. It's a really beautiful, light bronzer and gives a glow without being too glittery.  I'ts perfect to add definition to the cheekbones, give a bit of glimmer under the eyebrow arch and I often pop a little on the nose and forehead for a bit of shimmer. Essential.


6. Dual-Intensity Blush in Adoration - NARS. $66 AUD.  No-one does blush quite like NARS and I've used many different compacts by them over the years. I love this set in "Adoration" because the hot pink is perfect over a little bit of bronzer.  I also use the shimmering baby pink as a highlighter in the inner corner of my eyes (and wherever else I feel - again love a product that can do multiple things).

7. The Volume Mascara - Kevyn Aucoin. $41 AUD.  It's taken me a long time to find a mascara that has resulted in a repeat purchase.  I often flit from one to another unhappy with a brush, a formula or finding it too difficult to remove.  Despite being in the water a lot, waterproof mascaras usually leave me pulling out my lashes and frustrated that I can never quite get it all off at night.  The Volume Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin has solved most of my problems with it's tube formula. It stays on all day, and I mean all day throughout high humidity and rain and comes off with warm water at night.  It doesn't "slip" or leave dark residue under the eyes, so I can even apply it on my bottom lashes. Best of all, it just washes off at night.  The thin brush allows for super-precise application and it gives an elevated natural look.  Subtle and truly brilliant.


Some of the product in this article was supplied by Mecca Cosmetica.