Date: August 2015.
Flight Path: SYD-HNL
Seat: 14E/11E.
Class: Extra Comfort.
Alliance: Hawaiian Airlines/Virgin.

CHECK IN: Electronic booths are available for you to print your ticket then drop your luggage. Very smooth and efficient.

PLANE: Airbus A330-200 with 294 seats. The extra comfort section was launched in January 2015 for flights exiting Australia. I picked the front rows 11 and 14 (return) where I was able to fully extend my legs.

ENTERTAINMENT: The extra comfort seats come with the "Unlimited TV & More" entertainment pack. There was a great range of sitcoms, new-release movies and educational programs.

FOOD: Extra comfort gives you an upgraded meal. Hawaiian chicken with vegetables was satisfying and fresh. Served with a side salad and cake, it didn't leave me feeling heavy like regular airline food. A sandwich and crackers was served an hour before landing to keep you going during the ten hour flight. Alcoholic beverages, juice, coffee/tea and water were all on hand throughout the flight.

SERVICE: A big draw card for Hawaiian airlines is it's service. You really feel like your Hawaiian holiday starts when you step on the plane. There's an air of retro-cool about the hosts. Accommodating every need from water refills, extra blankets and replacing a seat cushion when I spilled my bottle of water were all met with grace and a smile.

LOUNGE: Hawaiian airlines has just opened it's first International Business Class Lounge in Honolulu. The Plumeria Lounge gives Business Class travellers free wifi, comfortable lounging and complimentary wine, local beers and snacks.

- Priority boarding
- More legroom
- In-seat electrical outlets
- Extra entertainment pack
- Pillow and blanket
- Upgraded meal
- Amenity kit - including eye mask, lip balm, facial mist, hand cream, toothbrush/paste, comb, ear plugs and headset.

CONCLUSION: There's a secret about Hawaiian Airlines which few know about: you can stop over in Honolulu and it doesn't cost you any extra. Fancy going SYD - NY with some downtime in between? Do it in Hawaii. The newly launched extra comfort makes long haul flights that much better, with ample leg room, entertainment and cuisine. The upgrade cost of an extra comfort seat is only around $140 per sector. Excellent value compared to a Premium Economy seat on any other airline. With service that is truly Hawaiian, it's win win win.

I flew courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines.